Ceroc hosts workshops at weekends nattily called 'Cerocshops', these Cerocshops range from beginner to advanced. The Cerocshop environment is an excellent way of rapidly improving your dancing, with a maximum of 22 people in each workshop there is also a greater opportunity for personal tuition.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and friendly, and there's no need to bring a partner.

These are 4 hour intensive Cerocshops which will help you either learn Ceroc very quickly if you are a beginner, or improve your dancing if you have been Cerocing for a while.

All our Cerocshops are held at weekends and you need to book in advance.

(See below for this information)



SUNDAY 24th APRIL 2016



This workshop will ensure that your freestyle has that extra pizzazz! 

Jaime will teach you an amazing array of dips and drops, to wow onlookers and sweep your partners off their feet. 

Dips and drops are signature moves used with great effect to emphasise musicality and dynamically punctuate the dance. They allow you to interpret the music as you hit the breaks with impressive, show stopping dips and drops.

You will learn all the technique and safety tips you will need to dance the moves with style and elegance.

The spaces on the workshop are limited, so that we can give everyone more one to one help. 

It’s a great afternoon, and of course, plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits to get us through the afternoon will be supplied!


FIXED PARTNERS. If you don't have a partner then please contact Jaime 

Any queries please EMAIL or see jaime at Chesham on Fridays.
£25 per person

Please book online or pay at the Chesham front desk on Fridays.

Hyde Heath Village Hall, corner of Brays Lane and Weedon Hill, Hyde Heath, Buckinghamshire HP6 5SN






Sunday 26th July 2015

This is a specialist workshop for those who want to develop their style and increase their repertoire of moves.

You will learn to punctuate your dancing with impact, developing dynamic styling for men and ladies. 

This workshop covers connection, lead and follow, musicality and the ability to infuse 'light & shade' into your dancing.

The spaces on the workshop are limited. BOOK NOW

It’s a great afternoon, and of course, plenty of tea, coffee and biscuits will be supplied to get us through the afternoon.