Northchurch - Social Centre
Northchurch Social Centre
Bell Lane




Our event schedules are as follows:

Sunday Afternoon Delight




Doors Open: 1:30pm      
Main Room - Pure freestyle 1:30 - 6pm      
Blues Room Schedule      
1:45-2:30pm - Tango Blues Class      
2:30-3:30pm - Smooth Tango & Latin       
3:30-5:00pm - RnB Chill Out      
5:00-6:00pm - Blues      


£10 on the door including complementary afternoon tea

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There is a dedicated car park in front of the venue plus additional parking in the St Johns Ambulance carpark at the rear.

It is very important that you park carefully and with consideration.

Ambulances need to get through to the St Johns Ambulance station and we have seen cases of badly parked cars impeding their access.

Car parking is limited and we would appreciate your assistance in maximising the number of cars that can park in the small car parks by ensuring you park carefully and take up the minimum amount of space for your car.

Also we have been made aware by the local residents that some dancers are driving up Bell Lane the wrong way. It is a one way street and that fact has to be respected and observed.

We are using the locality as visitors and guests of teh local residents and we must respect that and drive and park in the area with respect and consideration to the local resident, other road users and other dancers who wish to park for the event.


Marc Forster & Rachel Pears